The Vikings


First, couple of things:

  1. Yes, I know that the punk style haircut was not a thing back then, but still it imbues a certain level of badassness
  2. I wish I could talk as calmly as the the main character and commander in chief, Ragnar Lothbrok, in the moments of pure mayhem
  3. All right, at some instances we have to deal with clichés of warrior fighting, romance and deity worshiping. Just smile and wave.

However, there are sparkles of ingenuity and strategic thinking blended with solid performances and direction. Historical accuracy is also welcomed for several events depicted in Medieval northwest Europe. So, if you happen to have a 13-hour flight, I’m telling ya, it’s worth a chance.

Vikings (2013 – ) on IMDb.


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One Response to The Vikings

  1. V. Ananya says:

    Yea… I think I would like to watch this sometime. 🙂

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