The Lobster


Well here is at last a movie from a Greek director Lanthimos. It goes without saying that this is not your usual action-packed, superhero, supervillain thriller, rather an imaginative, very weird, noir story. For those who have seen a previous movie, Dogtooth (2009), of the same director, the newer one is lighter, less spooky and might actually make you laugh at some points. The main idea, that originally caught my attention is: what would happen if there was society where only couples were allowed and loners had to go though a peculiar process of matching up.  The ending is ambiguous and a more detailed review in Greek is here by a fellow blogger.

The Lobster (2015) on IMDb.


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  1. Irene Palmer says:

    Εξαιρετικά εύστοχο review, ευχαριστώ και για την αναφορά!



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