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Loved Songs – Part 3: Stoned to the bone edition

Summer is already here and I thought let’s make a smooth playlist with my all time favorite stoner-rock&roll-desert-doom-sludge-groove songs. Most of them I discovered last year on Spotify and Pandora and bring me bittersweet memories for all that happened this year… Anyways, some … Continue reading

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Amy Schumer

Did I ever say that I haven’t ever enjoyed a female comedian?  I ‘m now totally wrong! After following some her stand ups and series, I have to admit, I been overwhelmingly amused. This lady has huge potential to become … Continue reading

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Η απολογία μου, Μέρος 2ο

Κατεβήκαμε μαζί από το λεωφορείο στην επόμενη στάση. Ευτυχώς, είχε σταματήσει η βροχή γιατί είχα ξεχάσει όπως πάντα την ομπρέλα μου. Δεν είχα πολύ δουλειά στο Πανεπιστήμιο οπότε αποφάσισα να δώσω μια ευκαιρία σε αυτή την υπόθεση. Μάλιστα, σκέφτηκα να … Continue reading

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The enemy within

They asked the dark knight what was his worst enemy. There have been said several stories about the vicious villains that he had faced over the years. Bandits, gangsters, murderers and all kinds of notorious criminals. But there was one kind of … Continue reading

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Burning bridges

This is a fictional scene from the Battle of Hydaspes river, today’s Jhelum that flows in Pakistan and India. It was the last battle of Alexander the Great against King Porus of the Paurava kingdom around 326 BC. The troops were extremely exhausted by … Continue reading

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“You might be Walter White cool, but you can’t be Pablo Escobar cool”. Man, I didn’t know that I would get addicted so easily to those drug related series. There it is: a series dedicated to the real life events of … Continue reading

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