Amy Schumer


Did I ever say that I haven’t ever enjoyed a female comedian?  I ‘m now totally wrong! After following some her stand ups and series, I have to admit, I been overwhelmingly amused. This lady has huge potential to become the best. I know humor can be a really subjective matter and not everyone laughs at the same joke, but I deeply appreciate her sense of slightly perverted humor. I can’t stop myself from comparing with Louis CK and I won’t, to my eyes she is the perfect female version. It is like seeing the world from a girls perspective and having the mentality of a laid back “dude”. However, there is more than that,  I firmly believe in the classic idea that comedy is not just for laughs but also serves as a critic for the social stereotypes. To that regard, I think Amy does an excellent work of portraying these various misconceptions with heavy weight sarcastic tone. So if you are in search for your daily dose of laughter, give her a try at Comedy Central.


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