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The Force Awakens (Soundtrack)

Well, this is not a review about the movie for they have been thousands of them. I still have to say though I truly enjoyed it, watched it twice and felt that last Christmas was more of a Star Wars season … Continue reading

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My big fat Greek wedding, μέρος 2ο

That’s it, time for something not serious. I remembered when I first watched the first part and it was hilarious, but this time seeing this in the US is another story. Maybe it is funny because deep inside I might end … Continue reading

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The Railway Man

I promise you after this film riding a train i never going to be the same experience. I absolutely adore Colin Firth, not so much Nicole Kidman, thus I decided to give it a hesitant try. The plot goes as follows: Eric Lomax, … Continue reading

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Απολύτως Διαλλακτικός

Είμαι τέκνο της αντίστασης, παιδί της αφθονίας. Ρηχός επαναστάτης έμεινα πιστεύοντας στο βάθος. Απ’ τη φάμπρικα ιδανικών του κόσμου του ελέγχου: “Ιδέες όλες τις συνήθισες”, συνήθειες δε μ’ αρέσουν. Είμαι τέκνο της χαράς, παιδί της δυστοπίας. Ευτυχισμένος μέσ’ στην άγνοια, … Continue reading

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Tomar and the FCs

People who know me would probably be surprised reading this post about a soul band from Austin, TX. However, I’ll prove them wrong once again by stating that I consistently favor high quality music… The story begun when I first arrived here, almost 2 … Continue reading

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A little toast

Dear friends, Thank you for coming to my birthday party or else known as the 25th Anniversary. Thanks for your gifts, your drinks, your cards, your wishes, your company. I had to wait 25 years for this day and it … Continue reading

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The last king of Scotland

So they were still making great films 10 years ago… The reason I picked this movie is my utmost admiration of Forest Whitaker as an actor and my genuine curiosity for the title. Well, it turns out I was not … Continue reading

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