Simply astonishing. I have only high praises to make. Take the performances, take the direction, take the screenplay, take above all the content which is based on the true life events of Dalton Trumbo, an american screenwriter black-listed on the Hollywood Ten for having communist beliefs. I have to be honest with you, the acting of Bryan Cranston immensely bewilders me. Combine that with a promising role of an eccentric, controversial, adamant real person and you have a magical result. Whenever I watch a movie at home, an excellent criterion for measuring how much it appeals to me is the number of times I get to pause distracted by something else. This time I paused only once to visit the toilet, clearly inspired by the long times the actual Trumbo was spending in it. There were so many moments in this film that I saw myself in it, from the little ones, like the parrot on shoulder to the bigger ones such as the final moving speech of Trumbo about all the dramatic history his family and his close ones have been through. I didn’t know that there was such thing as  the”House Un-American Activities Committee” and that it was so involved into the control of the film industry. Again, I adore movies with political and social concerns that intertwine them with personal life matters.  I cannot recommend it more. Boy, that spirit of the 60s, maybe I am a hipster in disguise in the end. Enjoy responsibly.


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3 Responses to Trumbo

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  2. alexraphael says:

    Cranston has always amazed me with his acting.



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