Bridge of Spies


Here is a movie I saw a while ago and didn’t have time to review it. Guess what? It is about the cold war period again and is based on real-life events! The basic plot goes as follows: a Soviet KGB spy is caught in America and an American spy is captured in Russia. James Donovan, played by Tom Hanks, as a talented and passionate lawyer-negotiator is given the task to bring a viable solution. However, things turn sour as he is considered to be traitor in his country and a black sheep in the foreign one. I will let you continue from here. A few more complementary comments, I genuinely laughed at the moment where the commie spy was convicted by the US judge and sentenced to death, but when asked by Donovan why he doesn’t seem worried he said the unprecedented “Would it help?” My full recommendations for the acting, the photography and the inspiring Donovan’s speech at the court. Help yourselves.


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2 Responses to Bridge of Spies

  1. Dan O. says:

    It’s a good film from Spielberg, which is better than most of what we get out there. Nice review.



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