The Railway Man


I promise you after this film riding a train i never going to be the same experience. I absolutely adore Colin Firth, not so much Nicole Kidman, thus I decided to give it a hesitant try. The plot goes as follows: Eric Lomax, played by Firth, years after his torment as a British soldier by the Japanese in South East Asia finds out that his torturer is still alive and he decides to confront him. The movie is divided into two parts: the present, where Lomax struggles to recover from his emotional trauma with the help of his wife and the past, where we get to see what the second world war prisoners have been through building a railway. Based to historical facts and real events, we witness a scenario which excels on those two different levels, as a war setting: the men’s bravery  who resist the agonizing humiliation and brutal violence of their captors is dramatically portrayed when a cause of supposed conspiracy is revealed, and as a post-war setting: the urge of vengeance and withhold of forgiveness are antagonizing in our hero’s mind until the last moment. I don’t want to spoil anything,  however , I wouldn’t believe the ending unless it was a true story. I therefore undoubtedly recommend it for all these reason plus the astonishing performance of Firth (and even the young “Firth”).


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