Tomar and the FCs


People who know me would probably be surprised reading this post about a soul band from Austin, TX. However, I’ll prove them wrong once again by stating that I consistently favor high quality music… The story begun when I first arrived here, almost 2 years ago, and met the sax player and fellow Greek, Nikolas. He invited me to one of their live events within the South by South West (SXSW) festival. I was immediately hooked by the voice of Tomar and the vibe that the whole band was radiating. I followed them on many other shows around Austin, from the iconic Continental Club to the University Cactus Cafe. I can sincerely say that those nights encapsulated the so-called “Austin Experience”. It is hard to describe this feeling, you have to come and see for yourself how the audience cheers on the “Heart Attack” and is moved by the “Day by Day“. This amount of energy and technique can indeed make you recognize the power of the genre, even if you had no idea about it. Lastly, what I also deeply appreciate is their welcoming attitude – we always hang out for drinks with Paul, the drummer, and rest of the guys after the performance. So keep up the passion, the high pitch, the low bass and the good music!


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4 Responses to Tomar and the FCs

  1. That’s a compelling review, Carlos – out came the earphones I was listening to Heart Attack before you could say ‘snap’. They aren’t half bad too – I can tell that they would be a brilliant band to experience live – lots of energy and raw sugar! 🙂



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