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All the Way LBJ!

Admittedly, every role that Bryan Cranston plays makes it seems irresistibly cool. I have declared myself as staunch supporter of him before and again I was not disappointed. His performance on the film All the Way (2016) was world-class. People have … Continue reading

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My favorite and greatest pianist: Sergei Rachmaninoff

I might enjoy certain contemporary sounds but let us not forget who the true masters are. I started playing the piano since I was a kid so inevitably my taste in music has been shaped by the classical-romantic composers. Rachmaninoff is … Continue reading

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Planet Earth and Life: best nature documentaries ever

As I have said, it is my goal to identify and review all the gems I find throughout my research. Those two guys, Planet Earth (2006) and Life (2009) need no introduction and in the unlikely case you haven’t seen already them, … Continue reading

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Ήρθε η εποχή της ξηρασίας και στέγνωσαν τα δάκρυα. Στο ρυάκι έχουν μείνει μόνο πέτρες, χώματα, και η στιγμή της περασμένης άνοιξης. Στέρεψε υπό του καιόμενου Ηλίου το πηγάδι της ανάμνησης. Οι άνθρωποι της ερήμου πάντα μεγαλόκαρδοι, σου πρόσφεραν μαγικό … Continue reading

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The Office or Modern Theatre of the Absurd

The US version of the show is not news. It has been around since 2005 and I started binged watching it since last week lying on bed for I must recover from my lower back pain. Anyways, I think that this … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice

                    It is funny how the connection between two places can be accidentally established. First, there was Yanis Varoufakis, visiting professor at UT Austin and now it is James Galbraith, tenure professor … Continue reading

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The way I like it: Instrumental and shredding, part 2

Here is the second part of a collection I made ranging from the 80s till now. Characteristics are as always pure instrumental music and this time impossible guitar technique and speed. There are so many performers to admire, to name a … Continue reading

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