Bill Burrrrrrr


Here is my recent discovery, stand up comedian, Bill Burr! Oh boy, this guy has some serious nerve. His performance is so tense and adrenaline infused. I got immediately hooked to his style and his humor totally resonates with me. There are some samples of his work you can find, You people are all the same, Let it go and Why do I do this. Naturally, his jokes are provocative, controversial, highly inappropriate, however still original and imaginative. I remember one time when he said “There are one million reasons to hit a woman, but you shouldn’t do it, you should never do it” and then he was passionately tried to explain himself over the sexist statement for more than fifteen, it was hilarious. His impressions are also excellent, take for example “the girlfriend”, “Arnold” and “old people”. As I’ve said in the past, comedy is my addiction and this gave me a huge dose to go by. Therefore, let your prejudices and politically correct culture aside and get ready for a roller-coaster of aggressive humor!


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  1. Remind me tomorrow to listen to this please. 😉

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