The way I like it: Instrumental and melodic, part 1


This is a rather strange collection of songs. Most of them are not representative of the main genre of band that played them, namely hard rock and metal. However, I absolutely adore them and I have connected them with several parts of my life which I have commented. Some are though just awesome pieces of art. I hope you are not too scared to enjoy them.  Here is the YouTube playlist.

  1. Opeth – Ending credits (Damnation 2003), Opeth always goes first, absolute favorite song
  2. Nevermore – Precognition (Politics of Ecstasy 1996), my year of rebellion song, first semester of Engineering school
  3. At the Gates – And the world returned (Terminal Spirit Decease 1994), my when-leafs turn-yellow-and-it’s-raining song or simply Autumn song
  4. Dark Tranquillity – Mine is the grandeur (The Gallery 1995)
  5. The Ocean – Into the uncanny (Pelagial 2013), the instrumental one, my transatlantic flight song
  6. Ghost Brigade – 22:22 Nihil (Isolation Songs 2009), my lonely bike rides song
  7. In Mourning – Sirens (The Weight of the Oceans 2013)
  8. Opeth – Heritage (Heritage 2011), another one that I appreciated lately
  9. Jeff Loomis – Departure (Zero Order Phase 2008),  my transatlantic return flight song
  10. Machine Head – Darkness within (Locust 2011), all right maybe not instrumental but I couldn’t resist including the acoustic version
  11. At the Gates – Into The Dead Sky (Slaughter of the Soul 1995), my marathon song
  12. Jeff Loomis – Rapture (Plains of Oblivion 2012)
  13. Apocalyptica – Fade to black (Inquisition Symphony 1998), Metallica cover of course and my long-bus-travels-to-the-village song
  14. In Flames – Pallar Anders Visa (Colony 1999)
  15. Mogwai – Glasgow mega snake (Mr. Beast 2006), my recent loved song
  16. Russian Circles – Memoriam (Memorial 2013), still passes for instrumental and they are coming for a live soon
  17. God Is An Astronaut – Frozen Twilight (A Moment of Stillness 2006), they are also coming for a live soon
  18. YOB – Marrow (Clearing the Path to Ascend 2014), my melancholic Christmas song, love the instrumental parts
  19. In Flames – Timeless (Subterannean 1995)
  20. Santana – El Farol (Supernatural 1999), and finally a popular one to honor

PS: That’s my guitar!


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