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Ο Πίθος των Δαναΐδων, Μέρος Τρίτο

Κάθε αρχή έχει κι ένα τέλος, το τρίτο λοιπόν και τελευταίο μέρος. Κάθε ταξίδι γυρισμός της σιγουριάς ο όρκος με συντροφιά τα ψαροπούλια και το σταχτί δελφίνι. Αλλάζουν διάχυτα τα προσωπεία της Σελήνης, ηρωικού Πυθέα θέληση αρκεί να έχεις. Η … Continue reading

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Intro old-school Greek music

It might be a valid statement in the end that once you leave your country you learn to appreciate its elements. An integral element about Greece has been the music, which I am going to gently tackle on this post. … Continue reading

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Why The Wall is still contemporary

Firstly, I must make a confession. The very first time when I listen to the album I didn’t like it, well I was 9 at that time, didn’t know proper English or have any background in rock music. I just happen to pick … Continue reading

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A tribute to the poet Giorgos Seferis

  It is incredible when some kind of coincidences occur. My adviser, an engineering professor, has just returned from his home, Cyprus, and brought me this book. We have never talked about poetry before and I was genuinely surprised that … Continue reading

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