Comedy from the second balcony: Trevor Noah


It has been a while. A bunch of staggering things have happened. Posts for comprehending the new reality are in abundance and yet there are needed more to come. My take is that the best drug will always be comedy. Without it probably real drugs would be unavoidable at least for my case. Hence watching Trevor Noah, the new host of the Daily Show, live here in Austin Bass Concert Hall was a relieving experience to contemplate the recent events. To be honest I was reluctant at first because I already follow his show at Comedy Central so I figured he would have nothing substantially novice to offer.

Turns out I was gravely wrong. He is extremely talented as stand-up comedian and his performance was well worth it. What I liked the most is his perspective on american reality from the eyes of a newcomer. Giving a fresh and hilarious point of view for all the customs and traditions that people here consider norm. His work with accents is commendable as well, never have I seen such a plethora in one hour. It goes without saying that the was political commentary from the liberal side of the aisle. I reckon that you can’t have a conservative comedian, they have to be either progressive of at least categorical of the establishment as a whole.

My highest recommendations as a whole. I can realize now why did people trusted him with the job of a TV host. Even from the second balcony I enjoyed every moment. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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11 Responses to Comedy from the second balcony: Trevor Noah

  1. JaMesa says:

    His stand up is good, the Daily show has become pretty unbearable lately though…Every episode seems to be centered around Trump, granted he’s the president elect now…. the media doesn’t realize that by giving this man 2 billion dollars in free air time they were a huge factor in this man getting elected. People saw Trump’s face so much on the tele that he became subliminally stuck in their heads.


    • It is hard to fill Jon Stewarts’s shoes. The negative advertisement is a mistake that the majority of the media has fallen into. I was more critical of him before the stand up. Now, I am convinced that he is at least qualified for the position.


      • JaMesa says:

        Agreed, not his fault but the writers on the show pushing their political agenda…they were extremely favorable towards Hillary after the primaries. After Bernie’s questionable loss, they became very hush hush about the corruption and completely focused on Trump…I bet poor Trevor has nightmares with Donny tiny hands chasing him, lol.


      • I concur with this point. Had Stewart been on board Clinton would be much less favorable. Well, all of them probably dwell in remorse at the moment. Again though, if they don’t reevaluate their strategy as liberals Trump is likely to be reelected. An interesting article to read is “The end identity liberalism” in NY Times.


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  3. The Poetry Channel says:

    He does excellent work. A very interesting person to listen to, not just his comedy.

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