Rage Ping Pong!


There are a number of ways to get some steam out. A trending one is the Anger Rooms that have been emerging like mushrooms all over the US. What’s mine? -Rage Ping Pong! This little sport can serve as an ingenious way for serious stress relief due to it’s competitive and swift nature. Trained over a year mostly by the Chinese, who apparently are considered the world experts on the field, I have developed commendable skill, yet this is  hardly the case why I like it. Don’t get me misinterpreted, the technique involved is superb: hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, trajectory and spin calculation, game theory strategy. I realize it might hard to appreciate it without first being exposed to it, and by exposed I mean playing with a pro who will ridicule your defense and smash all your serves. Been there, done that.

The deeper reason I got hooked with Ping Pong is the psychology behind it. A simple friendly match has the capability of revealing a not insignificant part of your inner self in such a short period of time. That’s what makes it unique, the points are scored with the highest speed among all other sports. Playing numerous sets I have noticed a rich pallet of my emotions. Common ones were arrogant over-confidence when I am way ahead and down right disgruntlement, when I am far behind. The most prominent nonetheless is the dichotomy between anger/pleasure when the count is painfully close. Hence, I coined the term Rage Ping Pong for all the times when I was losing by a single point and swearing in Greek (in front of my international friends) ready to hurl my paddle on the wall!

Strangely though, this secular experiment in anger management worked. After our matches I’ve been invigorated and put my anxiety aside. Sometimes you’re just better of letting it all out in the premises of game. Try it, you have nothing to lose expect your temper!


About Απολύτως Διαλλακτικός

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