Comedy from the second balcony: Brian Regan

brian-reganBrian is one of my recent discoveries. I actually found out about him after the Trevor Noah performance when I saw a poster and search about him. I imagine that was the one time a poster proved of some value. To be honest I didn’t have high expectations but I was completely astonished. In his stand up “I Walked On The Moon” I just couldn’t hold it, I was laughing my butt off alone in the room. The facial expressions, the enunciation of words, the flow of jokes, the body language, the hilarious depiction of everyday life task made me feel utterly exuberant. Some other works of his are “The Epitome of Hyperbole”, “All By Myself” and”Standing Up”, all highly recommended and a strong antidote against frustration and over-seriousness.

The show I recently watched was absolutely amazing. The opening act was held by his brother who skilfully played the card of the “less famous Regan”. Then the other Regan ruled the Bass Concert Hall for more than an hour. Sitting at the second balcony I was missing the little details of his delivery  but still it was still definitely worth it. One thing that I begin to notice is that comedians apart from their standard  material always include  elements from current events, mostly US elections, and the place they visit, namely Austin, Texas. It is interesting to see what exactly  they do pick every time. A pleasant surprise was that in the end he asked the audience for requests and a group of people shouted “Do the snowcones“. Thus, we got a little bonus for ourselves. I am telling ya, this man is the real deal and a must-see stand up comedian.

I haven’t included a view from the theater yet, have I?



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