Comedy from the Second Balcony: Episode Chris Rock


It’s been a while since I enjoyed some decent comedy but this one came at the perfect moment, at the culmination of a stress-infused semester. Chris Rock is star judging only by the reaction of the crowds at the Bass Concert Hall of UT Austin. The adoration he received from the audience was for my eyes unprecedented -always watching from the second balcony. Right after the 2-hour show was over, people were stacking on the front of the stage to cheer him, trying to shake his hand. And he did stay to greet them. This is what we call a near-messiah experience.

I feel acquitted for paying the price to see his performance, it was well worth for a comedy icon. Unlike some other of his colleagues his humor was pertinently political without reducing to populism. Once again, the racial wounds of America were exposed. I guess that unfortunately they will never heal. Chris Rock’s take was hilarious though, let me quote: “As a black man I first think  FAWCK THE POLICE but then I remember I have some property”. One more favorite: “The school needs bullies, I repeat, the school needs bullies, you don’t want your kid to become 30 to realize that bullies are all over the place. They need to learn how to deal with them early on, otherwise when they do show up they won’t know what to do. That’s how Trump got elected. He was a real bully and no one could handle him. We need bullies at school man”. 

 The final part took a bit more personal turn. Chris narrated in his own satirical way several aspects of his private life, namely his divorce. I imagine that life is hard living together with comedian, that’s why most of them, see Louis CK, got separated. As a punchline of an older stand-up eerily goes: “Women are like THE POLICE, they might have of the evidence in the world, they still want you to confess“. For the voice, for the jokes, for the appreciation of black culture, I’ve been immensely entertained by the Total Black Out Tour and unequivocally recommend it. Chris Rocks!


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