The dog of the dark knight


One of the rather unknown parts of the dark knight is the story about his dog. Once his beloved parents shot themselves in a shadowy alley, he received then a dog in memory. He grew along with this dog. He was a kid and the dog was a puppy. The dark knight learned how take care of the dog, he developed diligence and responsibility through the process. They would spend countless hours together playing catch-the-stick, attacking random strangers, running on the streets, ripping furniture apart, barking in the middle of the night. One would say they felt happy with each other, they were friends in the absence of friends.

Years past, the dark knight was no longer a kid and the dog was no longer a puppy. Life got busier by fighting crime or more frighteningly fighting one’s criminal self. And yet they didn’t lose their affectionate connection, the morning routine remained the usual one although sometimes it was slightly shorter. The dog got gradually older and feebler but the master always abides until the very end. A cloudy day the dark knight buried his dog in the park where they used to stroll leaving their favorite toy on the dirt grave when a stray dog took it away and feverishly kept chewing it as light drops of rain touched the ground.

People though become curious why the dark knight didn’t shed a single tear for his dog after they had lived so intimately. Was he transformed into a heartless monster showing no sign of sorrow? Was he ashamed of being seen weeping? However, he never got another dog. Maybe he didn’t even carry any emotion and all was just a provisional distraction from the dreary reality.  There was no clue for comprehending his behavior that day. The dark knight later explained himself, “It would be disrespectful towards her, she taught me how to battle my tears from the first moment we met while I was still shuddering with grieve. She was a good teacher you see. That was her duty.”


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5 Responses to The dog of the dark knight

  1. Hope says:

    I knew someone who loved his dog so much that when she passed away, he never got another one.

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  2. 42 says:

    “Shot themselves”? I thought they “got shot”.. :/

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