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The Plague, a Chronicle of a Terminal Spirit Disease in Five Acts

“Indeed, to some, Dr. Rieux among them, this precisely was the most disheartening thing: that the habit of despair is worse than despair itself”. The Plague is the second novel of Albert Camus I read right after The Stranger which happens to … Continue reading

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The Stranger, the birth of absurdity in two acts

It’s been about a month but I’ve returned. I always return. I have also returned and revisited this book which I’ve read quite a while ago without frankly understanding any of it. A great deal of things have changed since … Continue reading

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Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Love Story in Three Acts

My thoughts still wander after reading this book. I put a conscious effort to avoid exaggerations, however I will make a bright exception this time, 1984 is the most powerful, astonishing and life-changing book that I have read so far. … Continue reading

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Ακολουθεί ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου ποιήματα, του Μιχάλη Κατσαρού. Θυμάμαι σα χτες το διάβασα στη Γ’ Λυκείου Νεοελληνική Λογοτεχνία Γενικής χάρις τον επαναστατημένο καθηγητή που είχα κύριο Μ. Ανήκει στη συλλογή Κατά Σαδδουκαίων (1953). Αυτή η μεταπολεμική γενιά… Υπάρχει μάλιστα υλικό από … Continue reading

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A tribute to the poet Giorgos Seferis

  It is incredible when some kind of coincidences occur. My adviser, an engineering professor, has just returned from his home, Cyprus, and brought me this book. We have never talked about poetry before and I was genuinely surprised that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice

                    It is funny how the connection between two places can be accidentally established. First, there was Yanis Varoufakis, visiting professor at UT Austin and now it is James Galbraith, tenure professor … Continue reading

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And the weak suffer what they must

At last I have the time to finish reading the well promised book of one of my favorite authors. Things though can get a little tense since politics is involved, but as a democratic person I welcome criticism, in fact I encourage it, as … Continue reading

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