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Two Tales of Return

The absence of the dark knight didn’t go unnoticed. Questions were wandering in people’s minds as the quiet days passed after the sudden leave. Why did he resign from the sacred game? Was he defeated by the villains he sworn … Continue reading

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One final post

An absurdist philosopher once said ‘I was absent at the moment when I took up the most space’. Delving deep into my thoughts I realized it too but now I will be everywhere in my absence. After some -I hope … Continue reading

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The Gambler, a first encounter with Dostoevsky

I have heard a ton of things about Dostoevsky but never had the chance to read him myself. Time has now come with one of his smaller works and a quite personal too. People have been telling me ‘Read it, … Continue reading

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Exile and the Kingdom, 6 short stories after the Fall

Where is your exile? Where is your kingdom? You might find yourself in one, yet it feels like the other. If you miss the Fall, Albert Camus has six shorter, less known stories to share with you. Coming from the … Continue reading

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Why the Dark in the dark knight (and not the Light)? A colorful exposition.

“Οι ήρωες προχωρούν στα σκοτεινά.” Γ.Σ. People asked the dark knight a straight question: why is he called the dark knight, and not perhaps the knight of the Light or something equally optimistic? They argued that all men of valor … Continue reading

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The dog of the dark knight

One of the rather unknown parts of the dark knight is the story about his dog. Once his beloved parents shot themselves in a shadowy alley, he received then a dog in memory. He grew along with this dog. He was a kid … Continue reading

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Comedy from the Second Balcony: Episode Chris Rock

It’s been a while since I enjoyed some decent comedy but this one came at the perfect moment, at the culmination of a stress-infused semester. Chris Rock is star judging only by the reaction of the crowds at the Bass Concert … Continue reading

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