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The dog of the dark knight

One of the rather unknown parts of the dark knight is the story about his dog. Once his beloved parents shot themselves in a shadowy alley, he received then a dog in memory. He grew along with this dog. He was a kid … Continue reading

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Comedy from the Second Balcony: Episode Chris Rock

It’s been a while since I enjoyed some decent comedy but this one came at the perfect moment, at the culmination of a stress-infused semester. Chris Rock is star judging only by the reaction of the crowds at the Bass Concert … Continue reading

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The Fall, a Dramatic Monologue

Some were dreadfully insulted, and quite seriously, to have held up as a model such an immoral character as A Hero of Our Time; others shrewdly noticed that the author had portrayed himself and his acquaintances. … A Hero of … Continue reading

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Beasts of Greece, Third Piece

First Piece by Shelley – The Masque of Anarchy Men of England, heirs of Glory Heroes of unwritten story, Nurslings of one mighty Mother, Hopes of her, and one another! Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to … Continue reading

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Animal Farm, a Fairy Tale

It’s a classic along with 1984, it is thoroughly debated long since published in ’45, its quotes pervades everyday language, it’s a powerful and gloomy metaphor for the fate of societies wherever absolute equality was forcefully imposed. I have seen the film and actually … Continue reading

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The Plague, a Chronicle of a Terminal Spirit Disease in Five Acts

“Indeed, to some, Dr. Rieux among them, this precisely was the most disheartening thing: that the habit of despair is worse than despair itself”. The Plague is the second novel of Albert Camus I read right after The Stranger which happens to … Continue reading

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The Chestnut Tree, Version Three

Version One – Glenn Miller Underneath the spreading chestnut tree I loved him and he loved me There I used to sit up on his knee ‘Neath the spreading chestnut tree Version Two – George Orwell Under the spreading chestnut … Continue reading

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