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The Stranger, the birth of absurdity in two acts

It’s been about a month but I’ve returned. I always return. I have also returned and revisited this book which I’ve read quite a while ago without frankly understanding any of it. A great deal of things have changed since … Continue reading

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Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Love Story in Three Acts

My thoughts still wander after reading this book. I put a conscious effort to avoid exaggerations, however I will make a bright exception this time, 1984 is the most powerful, astonishing and life-changing book that I have read so far. … Continue reading

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Paradigm shift: Planet Earth 2

There has been quite some time since the last installment of BBC’s Planet Earth Series, more than 10 years. Along with “Life”, they probably constitute the best nature’s documentaries ever produced. They had set the bar so high that is now … Continue reading

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Louis CK at ACL live or why I love noir comedy

“Ladies and gentlemen, Louis CK!”. These are the words I have been waiting to listen for a very long, long time. It happened though last night. As the first of his ’17 shows, he was in Austin for a stand up like … Continue reading

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Why it took me so long to watch this? Interstellar edition

Let’s face it. I have a beef with movies which mess with the concept of time. I am yuge fan of Nolan’s other works, you name it, Memento, Prestige, the Batman trilogy. However, I’ve been postponing his latest one, Interstellar (2014), until three … Continue reading

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Comedy from the second balcony: Brian Regan

Brian is one of my recent discoveries. I actually found out about him after the Trevor Noah performance when I saw a poster and search about him. I imagine that was the one time a poster proved of some value. … Continue reading

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Comedy from the second balcony: Trevor Noah

It has been a while. A bunch of staggering things have happened. Posts for comprehending the new reality are in abundance and yet there are needed more to come. My take is that the best drug will always be comedy. Without … Continue reading

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