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Η απολογία μου, Μέρος 3ο

Κατευθυνόμασταν προς την τσιμεντένια Παραλία στην οποία τώρα μόνο βρίσκονταν ένας ξεχασμένος ψαράς. Με είχε ξαφνιάσει ως τώρα αρκετά αυτός ο περίεργος άνθρωπος οπότε έπρεπε να είμαι προσεχτικός με τις λέξεις μου.’Επρεπε να χρησιμοποιήσω έξυπνα την πληροφορία για το βιβλίο που … Continue reading

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Rage Ping Pong!

There are a number of ways to get some steam out. A trending one is the Anger Rooms that have been emerging like mushrooms all over the US. What’s mine? -Rage Ping Pong! This little sport can serve as an … Continue reading

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The truth about the parents of the dark knight

When they asked the dark knight about his parents he said the following: “My dear friends, I know that some of you still passionately believe that my parents were shot dead during my early childhood, a long time ago . This … Continue reading

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The oak of Texas and the allegory of Tito

I am a criminal and I plead guilty – for not having visited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center after two years in Austin. Today, though, I was pardoned by spending a day there with my father (his last day … Continue reading

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The art of juggling

Yes, this blog is not only about culture, books music and films; it’s about fun too!  Let me explain. At first I’ve just considered juggling a job of the street or circus performers until I saw a documentary, PBS Nova Science one … Continue reading

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South Park and political in-correctness

It’s been a while since the last  post due to 50% technical difficulties (ASUS customer service to blame), 50% fall  semester starting and 50% my friend visiting for the first time in the US and Austin. It was an absorbing month with … Continue reading

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A little toast

Dear friends, Thank you for coming to my birthday party or else known as the 25th Anniversary. Thanks for your gifts, your drinks, your cards, your wishes, your company. I had to wait 25 years for this day and it … Continue reading

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