The art of juggling


Yes, this blog is not only about culture, books music and films; it’s about fun too!  Let me explain. At first I’ve just considered juggling a job of the street or circus performers until I saw a documentary, PBS Nova Science one “How smart can we get?” by David Pogue (see 28 min). There, I heard something relatively naive nevertheless for some strange reason intriguing at the same time: the best advice I can give you for today is to learn how to juggle. Maybe it was the neuroscience correlation that played a role. TEDx talks have a dedicated presentation about it.

Thus I took that as a personal challenge. Bought the balls, saw a tutorial YouTube video like this and started practicing. It took me a week of everyday training to reach my goal, 60 catches with 3 balls, although I finally made it! Of course there are all sorts of tricks you can do with even 3 balls, check out this! From then on I established this simple rule, whenever I my mind filled conflicted, fuzzy thoughts, I would juggle for a minute. If the effort was successful that meant that I was ready to make a decision, if not, I had to wait. It wasn’t the worst rule of thumb I have to admit.

Ι have attempted with more balls but I didn’t have the necessary patience. Maybe with some further motivation I’ll achieve it in the future. Last but not least, my suggestion to you, give it try it’s not that trivial.


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