This is a true story about the Kray Twins, the notorious gangsters of the 60s in the London. To be honest, I didn’t expect the movie to have this turn out. I was prepared  for a lightweight, comical violence, lock stock and two smoking barrels type of British film, but it evolved into a dramatic sequence of events among the two brothers,the girlfriend of one of them and the underground criminals of London. For a guy, I wouldn’t usually tolerate the love story, romantic setting, however the incredible performances of the actors/actress sincerely captivated me. And that is to my mind the strongest point of the movie, it depicts the spirit of the 1960 decade through the lives and works of a sociopath, classy brother, a smart, godfatherly one, and a fragile, sentimental girl, who plays the role of the narrator. I appreciated her poetic story-telling technique  and I was genuinely surprised by the ending. There is nevertheless no deep, underlying meaning into it, apart from “this is what you get from the thug life”. So, if you are up for a very old fashioned British atmosphere you might want to consider it.


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6 Responses to Legend

  1. Totally agree with this review – awesome movie and a great slice of British life. Blokes were complete nutters, mind!

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  2. alexraphael says:

    Hardy is an incredible talent. First time I saw him was in a small part in Layer Cake.



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