The Force Awakens (Soundtrack)


Well, this is not a review about the movie for they have been thousands of them. I still have to say though I truly enjoyed it, watched it twice and felt that last Christmas was more of a Star Wars season that anything else, especially here in the US. For the soundtrack now I have to say only praises. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything else from John Williams, the guy who has so many success hits in his back, be it the original Star Wars series, be it Harry Potter movies or  Indiana Jones. I consistently favor instrumental music so these orchestral one has a special place in my heart and my ringtone! I always want to think that whenever someone is calling me it’s a call from the Empire or the First order in the current case. My favorite ones are Rey’s theme, Kylo Ren arriving at battlethe Jedi’s steps to name a few. It might not have been the London orchestra this time but I can’t attest  any significant drop in the quality. The composition was excellent and the delivery was world-class, what more can I ask?


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