The truth about the parents of the dark knight


When they asked the dark knight about his parents he said the following: “My dear friends, I know that some of you still passionately believe that my parents were shot dead during my early childhood, a long time ago . This is, however, an overly dramatic statement. Why believe a story about two prosperous and sane individuals been left alone in an isolated, ominous alley within the night? The actual events were far different. There was neither a real alley, nor a cruel perpetrator.

They had their own inner troubling issues. They were of humble decent and had inherited an even more humble fortune. They fought vigorously to build their great empire, each one with a unique style. Indeed, there were certain incompatibilities of character. Irrespective of how wealthy or wise they considered themselves, the chasm in between them was consistently growing and growing. It was that momentum which led them into shadowy alleys and made them pull the trigger against each other. Afterwards, the blame was deceptively put on a random bandit and the injustice of society.

For the rest of the period an opaque velvet curtain had been cast upon my eyes although my parents were there with me consistently. They took care of my education, of my health, of my happiness; all with deep sacrifices from their cherished dreams. My mind was too oblivious to distinguish this simple truth. I was hypnotized, mesmerized. I chose to ignore the facts and become a victim of my own fallacy. Maybe that was the very plan, maybe I was supposed to ignore them for my protection, for fear we witness a spoiled child with all the conveniences and leisure of the world. The kid is nevertheless no longer a kid thus cannot fall for this version of the story.

This is what I was thinking for way too many years until I realized, my dear friends, the glaring reality, my parents were never dead, were never distant. The helping hand of Alfred or any Alfred was always under their firm guidance. All they have  been seeking secretly and tacitly is a small but crucial recognition”. The dark knight then raised his glass and proposed vividly: “To my parents from now alive”.


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